Honey Brook Woodcrafts

Primitive Finishes

Antiqued Finish
With our antique finish option, we can create an antique of yesteryears. Our specialized techniques of creating the aged look, will have your friends and neighbors, guessing how long your furniture goes back. All of our antique-finished furniture is top-coated with a dull pre catalyzed varnish to protect the crackle & preserve the antique look.

Milk Finish
Milk Paint is a hand brushed, slightly crackled finish and top coated with a hand-rubbed wax. Milk paint is organic, non-toxic, environmentally safe, and durable. It is made from natural materials such as milk, clay, lime, etc, and tinted with earth pigments. This is the finish that was used in Early American times.

Milk Paint is great for any room in your home, and tough enough for hotels and restaurants. Today milk paint is still being used by artists, architects, and designers striving for a look that is authentic, durable, and beautiful.

Varnish Top Coat:
Our varnish topcoat is an option for all distressed finished items. The varnish finish is a satin pre catalyzed clear coat that enhances the depth of color, creating a smoother finish & added protection. It is resistant to most household chemicals.

Two Tone Finish:
We offer our pieces in a two-tone finish. (Example: Painted table base with stained top.)

Solid Paint Finish:
This finish option, consists of a solid painted surface without any form of distressing techniques.